Genting highlands

Thursday, 13 September 2012

before final, i went genting highland.

i was wondering, anything changes in genting?
it is a lot?..i guess so!

i've forgot how many years ,i didnt go genting anymore.
i think 2 years+..

so LONG!!!

On the way ~to first world hotel

magic shows

i changed my clothes and start my day in genting highland
an obviously changes is the snow world..gods
it change into like we're in foreign country in the winter!
i didnt get in,i dont like the smell of that winter jacket.killing me!

the view from outside
theme Park!!! 
so sad,i didnt enter it.
cause i'm alone ...

theme park from resort view

 the night view ..
i got myself an ice-blended chocolate
it's my favorite

the happiest things -->> Baskin Robin
Very Berry Strawberry
daddy bought me a pint not gallon neither quart 
but i'm still loving it!

i dont have chance to play in genting this time.i was alone all the time except dinner,supper,lunch 
it's really lonely and feel weird when i'm playing alone.

so i just decided window shopping at genting...

the end.