Home sweet Home

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

after almost 3 months in kampar,the first time i go back my hometown

really so relax whenever wake up in my own room and bed
love it so much whenever order food and dont even bother to open my wallet anymore!

whenver u woke up ,there's food waiting for you.
the feeling is so great!

finally i know what is the feeling between of hostel and home

i purposely come back because of my birthday.
after 2 weeks i'm coming back again
because it's raya~

i keep on smiling when i reached alor star,i can't control myself not to smile
it's just too happy

i'll always remember when my puppy saw i'm infront of them
they stunted and ran towards me

so glad they still remember me uh XD
when i sat down,they just like manja beside me..

tomorrow morning 8 am heading back to kampar again

tuesday having test,presentation
what a busy day is coming soon

my room key just put on the tables and rest for almost 2days never touch it
and my bicycle too
it was inside my house,dining place..

after i return home,first tthing
i hugged my family,it almost cry.even just 2 weeks never see them
i remember they just visited me last 2 weeks..
2 weeks for me now,seems so fast
almost everyday i got no time anymore,since week 4 we got our assignment

we just only take 4 subject ,but 7 days it seems not enough for us to discussion
even though sometimes we discussion until 12-2am

then i'll take photo about my bao bei!! nearly 3 months
i can't touch them.:(

these 3 days , i dont sleep well..
cause there is too many to-do list with my family
everynight i went sister's room talked with her about my life in kampar
and she taught me a lot of things.
i really appreciate the time with her now. we used to quarrel all the time when i haven't came kampar.but now i really miss her.

i celebrated my 18 birthday with family,when the clock strike 12..on 6 august !XD
 i heading back to kampar at 8am...

soon i m going back!