Wednesday, 8 August 2012

 my first presentation was last thursday,it's Economics
i'm just so nervous,first time leh..
i just found out the way to make yourself not so nervous when you're going to present is..
go to dicussion room,open up your laptop.
then face Everyone who are in that room,then present it.
dont care about the others whether looking at you or not.
just force self to do it.
then it's really works on me
i dont nervous like last time anymore,a little bit when i eye- contact with audience
a little bit shy and forgot about what i am going to say.(crazzyy)
i just know i already tried my best to make it looks naturally.
Economics are depend on team works. we gonna make it perfect uh!XD

i borrow the formal clothes and the pants from friends
top to bottom on last thursday ,there is only shoes is mine
so shy ..when going to borrow formal clothesssss

i went bback hometown and get a formal clothes and the pants
 i dont know i am lucky or unlucky
there is 3 subject to present, i got 1st group in economics,Critical thinking ,and 2nd group in Basic English Radioplay.

tuesday 7th of august,the next day of my birthday was my last day of presentation in this semester.

i got radioplay in the morning about SNOWDRELLA..
and evening we gonna present about logging Critical thinking.

really feel so thankful to my basic english members.
i think we make it already. and it is release for me
i feeling so tension when the 1st group ended their radioplay
i am so so so worry about my pronounciation,and the pressure
plus my voice ( little bit broken)

Critical thinking , thank you our amazing presentor - ChiangYao,FuTing And MiaoXian.
Me ,WanChyn and CheeHan was the powerpoint editor only
they present it so perfect! and i love the video they made it
it's really touching,with the music ..
i just feel that is a perfect presentation( seriously)

our group with tutor Mr.Edwin
we were so excited whenever we done our presentation
we keep on laughing with our silly joke and  ..Cam Whore
other groups were presenting infront,..

whole tutorial groups was done it on the same day
all of us wore so formal
when it's the time we finish the class,we just decided taking picture
here and there..
that is the photo we took in the lift, all of us 14 inside fit into a lift ..and able to take picture summore
this is the photo when we were going to the lift..
left hand side was lecturer's room
our Sampat Gang!

thank you so much friends!
amazing presentation and we really make it!!

i dont know will i still nervous when the next presentation is coming again..