3 cakes in a day

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

the first time ever i ate 3 different cakes with different people

obviously,the first cake i celebrate with my family in the midnight,cause im heading kampar 8am.
it was too rush and i didnt take the cake photo.so sad.
 it is an oreo cake, recommended by my sister
it really taste good to me

the second cakes was ice-cream cake
oh yeah,how long i never eat ice-cream cake,cause it will melt easily
my bo-jio mates gave me a big surprise .seriously
when i reached kampar it almost 1..something nearly 2pm
we got our discussion on that time.it means that i'm LATE!
when i rush to discussion ..
my leader was mad.he LOOKs mad.
he scolded me,seriously,SCARY!
i scared.first time i saw he so serious.:P
while i keep on apologize because of being late,and tomorrow it's our presentation..
 jeffrey suddenly brought a cake with the cute candles with 18 words infront of me.they just sang birthday song to me.
OH MY GOD.my tears suddenly come out..
really touched me.haha..
thank you guys!!

love                      love                          love !!

so good nia my matess<3
thank you thank you thank you soooooo MUCH!!!

then we continue to discuss about our presentation after celebrate it

actually we've got the photo that all of us de..but cause it's not nice and deleted it :(

 there is ..(from left : Jeffrey,WanChyn,KaiYii,ChiangYao,MiaoXian,Futing)this is my bojio mates photo,some of them missing here..
MengWei, CheeHan ,And Shiwen.

the person who with Peace is Kaiyii. <3

we're really a very close group. everyday taking photo uh! haahah

tomorrow it's my last day of presentation already!
having radioplay - Snowdrella and critical thinking presentation.
i acted as a stepmother inside the radioplay.

We can Do it! <3!

the last cake,from my MOUS and Dajie,Erjie,Jiayi,shipei!

they acted nothing,we having our dinner together ,talk this and that evrything we talk..
when i was reading my novels,suddenly xinning went out..
she rush back to room and tell me ,erjie ( eva ) was injured!
i've got no time to think so much and i thought it's real..
when i opened up the door..shipei taking the cakes and they started sang birthday song for me
i really stunted there..dont know how to response.
bigg bigg bigg surprise.

someone taking the camera and record it..all the process
oh my god,SHY!!!..
really touching,they remember me leh XD
(start sampat)

we sing sing sing,...then it is OREO cake ~!!
oh yeah,my favourite. :P
they just so sweet uh~ <3
love daooo...XD wan to kisss everyone of them already
 but they dont want lerh..sad dao XD

i didnt take photo again so sad..but Xinning phone got the video..
my surprise,sampat pattern everything was inside
so xinning please please please take good care your phone
dont miss it..or will die geh..
SUch big secret was inside there wor..

Thank you mou mou for giving me such big surprise!
thank thank you~!!!!!

really want to hugged everyone of them and give a kiss to them!


love you!! JiaWen,XinNing,ShiYing,Suki,JiaYi,ShiPei

really thank you thank you thank you so much!

and ...
Present Time !
when i saw the reborn poster,and the puzzle ,i just like OMG!!!
i LOVE IT!!! soooo mUCH!
and the blouse!!
love it love it! really like it, that makes me want to diet moreee! i want to wear it nicely and show to them~~!XDD
that puppy gave by someone,i cant mention here.:(


I really appreaciate it Very much.thank you Everyone!
such memorable days again!!