Thank You!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

God is at myside!!!

i can't believe it at all
it's happen like a dream to me

i am so so so so so so happy
after he said he will reconsidered to give me last chance

i can't control laughing,
damn happy!!! 

all these happened
just because i have my bestie 
support me..

they asked me to never give up
let him know my love
my trust
and everything to him

he opened up my letter
he read,and touched his heart
he gave me the chance!!!

if i don't appreciate my bestie,and him
i really stupid
they get me up alot,and help me 
almost everything
they are here for me..
when i'm upset
they gave me an embrace to warmth me..

i have such a best friends

and they are
: JiaWen,XinNing,And Wei Ann

they support me whatever decision i do

thank you so much god and everyone..

idk how to describe my mood right now
it's almost happy until lost control..

i'm insane!!!


AnnTan said...

*Eyes water*

where's the tissue paper..?

♥S4ndy♥ said...

don't cry har,
sandy sayang sayang xDDD

hahaha,i don't have tissue T-T
because i am not SUBUN Enough xD