Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just have fun with pillow fighting while we're study

Ivy and i went to xin ning's house 
for revision math 
starting we're good 
but after 2 hours
all of us decided rest for half an hour

we started our pillow fighting at that time
Ning threw me her bear
she wants her pillow which i lying on it
and i refuse to give her
after threw at me
i throw it back too
then we start...

after 5 mins we fight
Ivy just sit at there like an audience
we stopped hitting each other
and we sit closely to plan hit ivy
i walk to there like want to drink water
and xin ning go to take books
just act

then both of us said :
1,2,3 HIT!!!
and we hitted her
and "terkena" her eyes
make her looks like crying nia xD

thenn we continue our war
it will not stop easily
i stand on xin ning's bed to hit her
and same goes with her too
and suddenly she fell down
she's fine
but twisted her leg..
kinda pain.....
i really felt guilty

and we stop it
cause we don't want to have more injury
then we lying on floor
talking about ghost story...
more and moree

then we go home liau~hahhaah