Still at here

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

i thought
another year
another me

but actually i'm wrong
i'm still me
i'm still the coconut tree
everything is just same

February test is starting from today
just 4 days
but they did until 6 days for almost 1 week

i have more confident on my account (hu..finally)
but addmath still sucks!
Bm (still failed)
Bi ( still B)
i tried to improve
i decided to find BM tuition 
give up for study my self
maybe i'm going ann father's tuition centre
tuition with herr
*kinda excited for it
the first time nehh...hahaha

bored bored bored..
i'm okay with everything
i feeling no more heart broken

there's only left my happiness with me
thanks god!


AnnTan said...

come larh..come sit with me..
i everytime sit with Jomien and Ching ling..very lonely..coz i'm not rapat with them ...) :