My Mou - Jovelle Biiday!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Opps, i know it's super duper outdated .
i know.this celebration  on  November 2013!!!
now only i update..
our pizzas celebration! 

always my mou! happy birthday 

 yoohoo, here comes again selfiee! 

like we always do, Selfiee!!
it's such difficult to hangout with my girls after we into degree..
different course, and different time,..everything become the blockage ..
FICT dont test when it's really middle of the term, we held in when is near finals!
LOL that's not really a midterm..LOL

anyway,mou i bought a smiley cup for ya~!
hope you like it, just a gift that remind you always
when you're down, use that cup cause i hope it will remind you im always there for ya.
smiley because of i do really make fun isn't it?
i really wish that our mou-ship will really last long,i really appreciate our frienship..

really sorry for sometimes my action or words are eventually hurt you, i dont meant for it...
we will always be transparent to each other right? :)