who is this?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

oh my god
who is this? little cutie puppy
do you know who is it's master?
it's jaejoong
he just got a new puppy
so cuteeee

hey,this is tpyhoon here
it just got a fierce appearance right?
i like husky too
tpyhoon was the gift by jaejoong to yunho
i forgot when he gave typhoon to yunho
when it still puppy,it look exactly like little panda
black & white

is it cute? it's name sung-er
jaejoong's pet again
he do got lots of pets ...
sung-er are no more puppy,but i just got it's puppy images
cause it's too cute
maybe my bubu are cuter.hohoho

another of jaejoong pet again
it's name vik,this is also puppy images
but it is a adult dogs Already!
i found out jaejoong really like white colour
including his pet!
wow! whose dogs?
Xiah!,it's name xiahky
they both having the same name
i think..junsu takes his name from the dog,hmm
of maybe he just put for his dog after him?

 the last dog i think..
i just remember the name -> HArang
it's micky yuchun pet
it is same species with yunho typhoon

err..i just like promoting tvxq dogs? nono,i think i'm introducing them to everyone
i shared it,cause it is really too cutee!

i just introducing dogs,no cat.hahaha
so it is not really detail enough...