He is just so attractive

Saturday, 8 October 2011

everytime i see them,i fall in love again & again
it's happen EVERYTIME i watch their movie

especially Jaejoong
i don't know why,he could just easily get my attention
i just so like him.he has a girlish look,exactly
when you see him with long curl hair,you'll understand
he got another look too,with short hair
he is so man but not as man as yunho do
he got his style which is the only one

once i thought i don't like them
they quited from TVXQ,and form a new group ==> JYJ
i don't really like it,i prefer tvxq
but now...
everyone know,tvxq just left Yunho and Changmin

watch their last time movie again,then fall in love again with jaejoong

he really has a special style,i like his voice
almost everything i like about him

when i read some article about them
i felt so glad that they still be on the stage
once i thought they might turn into nothing
but they are awesome

i feel mad when i read article that critics about them
the writer just said they don't have something special that attract the fans
cause they held 4 concerts in 2 weeks when they just quit from tvxq
err,sorry not quit from tvxq
just form other group

the writer said they wants to earn more money in the shortest time
but i don't feel so
they just want to spread their voice to the world or maybe wants to promote the new group
but i can't deny that they earn money with helding concerts
i think it is not their target..

the writer said again,they don't special 
i mean in the song
they don't improve at all,said by the writer

oh my god,are you the judge?
do you have better voice than them?
maybe got but they are stars
they just share the world their voice
they don't mean to competite


just so mad at the anonymous...

they are banned to sell their new album in KOREA
because of their ex company