Just the sixth post

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

oh my...
i really so inactive this month
perhaps it's nearly exam 

i'm getting my L license soon!
oh my my my! i'm going to driver
i can bring myself to anywhere i want to go!
i'm so excited with it

anothere good news here,
can you believe it?i added my idols as my friend!
oh my! he is my friend 
it really like a dream for me
and now my dreams come true ya!
i can know their latest trip and venue right now
all i can do ,just wishing them all the best
praying for them always pink in health
and good luck for everything

i believe someday JYJ will attend some activities 
with tvxq
it's very hard to seperate nearly 10 years friendship
so god bless them

TVXQ deserve for 5 person,even lose one of it
it doesn't complete anymore
examination coming soon
now i'm crazy with the stering >.<
as malaysian called gila stereng
erm it like obssesed with driving

as i know JYJ are now in Spain
helding concerts there
JYJ all the best! 
and don't forget to take care 
let's hit international!