skip skip skip

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

today was our sports day
but i skipped it

so so so sad for i can't be at keat hwa as drama supporter
i found out we are invited to be supporters at 1am
god,are you kidding me?
i've hopin for so long
the time i decided to skip it and let it go
and we are invited
it's too late to inform other girls

6:30am to 5:30pm
11 hours,even longer than the time we stay at home
urgh,that's why i skipped it

we can skip,of course we must have some important reason
i'm so strong how can i get MC?
i can't pretend to sick,doctors can always found out the reason

our principal had please us to be present today
but sorry teacher
we let you down
i did it purposely

you threaten us 
but we protest by this way 
what you going do to us?
 form 5 students are sick with school activities
you should know
we have no more time to be wasting in these activities
you asked us to study
yeah,the moment we want to study you forced us to join sport
we know you are good to us
you want us to be healthy 
always stick at books are one of the way unhealthy
but indirectly you are forcing us to this unhealthy activities.
we stay at home not because of lazy
just sick with all these things
we need to rest
do our own things

rest is the best way for us right now