Wednesday, 29 June 2011

i really have no idea with the title
having some sports with friends
i met some familiar friends 
everyone asking
going college Installation?
i not really think so

i ever promised to my daddy 
that was my last night for the interaction

i wish i can go it

daddy,can you hear me?
i really want to go this 
but i promised you ,can i broke it?
 i didnt mean to broke it
but it's soo attractive

not the boys,it's my friends
lots of them going
shey hwa,she never attend these things
first time she want to go
i wish to have  good night with her
Wei Ann,hey her mom banded her
and now she got the jam 
so she will be there

can i?daddy?..

i know you will mad
i think i can't make it 

sorry girls