Penang trip

Monday, 6 June 2011

wake up in the morning
feeling dizzy
but excited for the penang tripp


@queensbay mall 11am
walk into the shopping mall
finding a new target and we wander it inside the shop

we never wanted to buy anything
just wander onlyyy..

having a great time in baskin robin
oh my god!
i bought a cup with 2 junior scoop,without any thing
berry very strawberry
i love it
i tried some great flavour ice cream too
starwberry cheese cake flavour

we was planned to have lunch at Toilet bowl
oh shit,i really have no fate with it
went there for several times
but never reach the restaurant
included yesterday

heading to pragin mall
it's time to shopping
i bought  a medium waist pants
i got my pants and bought a sunglasses

third destination @ batu feringgi

have more  photo in my friend's camera

stop for 1 hour,then head to..
Gurney Drive for dinner

i went to clinic cafe for dinner

with shireen infront of the restaurant

look at the soup

the hard boiled egg

i odered chicken cutlet
came it with very ordinary but the sauce..

cute right?heeehee

my friend drank the vanilla milkshake
almost vomit..
he describe how great that milkshake taste
milk powder,vanilla powder and icecube
only in the glass
no water at all..


at last he spilt out..
just like in the movie
someone drank the poisonous drink
then fainted ..

10;30pm going leave penang ..
i''m sad to leave it

but i miss my family..>.<