Thursday, 20 January 2011

kinda narcissism
Yeah,It's me!
i knew it,i kinda narcissism 
but i cant stop it.

i had try my very best for thinking
someone good points,

no one are perfect. 
Yeah! it's truee
it is soo true
but it's hard to ignore the person
who i  hate so much
about her bad point
i'm not gossip about her right now
i just...
i can't see her good point AT ALL

maybe i hate too much...

i don't know!
All i know is..defeat her
in result instead of
quarrel,or fighting..

good girls don't fight 

February test nearer and nearer
can i go far away from this test?
there is no way to avoid..

i try my best to revision the subject 
that i learn in school.

i really hope to get better resultt..
i don't see my way
i know i have to study well

there is one bright way for my future
and that is my path
but i don't interested with it 
*ahem,now trying to build my interest.*

or ..
i should go on adventure with it 
full with my interest,my dream??

i am confuse,i don't know ..