Wavin Hand to January

Sunday, 30 January 2011

waving my hand to January ,2011

we are going to step in February 2011 
not very sad but kinda..
it means that Spm is nearer 

i don't have to count down 
but when i open my eyes
looking at the calender 
indirectly it just like count down for me!

February activities:
Chinese New Year
February Test
and So on..

all the activities i can remember just
these two
others i totally forget it

how many shirts you bought for  chinese new year?
firstly,i don't plan to buy many for it
cause i knew i less go out to get more "ang Pow"
i hopin this year "ang Pow" is more than last year
that is my every year wish list!

starting,i bought 4 shirts when the dates are still in 2010
after into 2011
shopping for new year is common activities
i bought the other 4 shirts when we are just planning for looking
they gave a big discount for the shirts
of course we don't make them and self sad right?XD