imm Back with Ice breaking !

Friday, 31 May 2013

Wao, now only i realize how long i never update my blog
and it is ALMOST dead. ALMOST la..

i'm just so lazy update it after i joined earth hour,
then it came final bla bla bla and lots!

i joined AGAIN ice breaking for may 2013
so yeah, i gotta back earlier 2 weeks AGAIN

shit! everytime i regret when i need back earlier than others
normally this time, others having dinner with family and guess where am i?
at school / cafe / friend's house
doing preparation.

seriously, i miss my family.

the first day i came back kampar,i was thinking 
this preparation gonna be boring and tiredd...
yeah, really tired but never Boring 
(with Irene)
 god, imagine almost everydayyy the momment you wake up 
and you see the same peepo around you until you sleep
(with Klinsmann)
and it continue almost 14 days!
erm. not bad feel la just kinda sienz jor when you see the face
and you can even know what they going do after this and that ,dont have to speak anymore
(with Yingthong)
i proudly to say that i learned a bit bit sarcastic jor 
almost eveyrtime , we talk , it becomes like that
something like abuden jor,.

hahahaha, just hope others dont mind la 
it reply automatically when someone asking some question that very obvious 
(with Yeemun)
we took video,trailer for this event
and it is really cool and amazing
 lucky there is CS students in our Ibt event
without them, the video wont be so amazing 

our theme for may 2013 - Return Of Sherlock!
while taking video, the NGs really really  funny
some times those NGs' strike my mind and it keeps me laughing non-stop

i know it makes me look stupid
it's too bad i couldn't upload it here. so sad.
sad case.
Wei Cheang and Patrick
this will be the last time i join ibt, i'm not gonna jjoin it AGAIN
So So So SICK of it  ! joined for 3 semester already.

i like the moment when we watch MAMA together at friend's house and all of us
sleep together.

we watched and keep on talking until 3am one wants to sleep
but then 7am we HAVE to wake up for video and photo shooting
God! SO not enough sleep
you can hear the snoring out from everywhere LOL!
(ahem, everyone is tired. Yeah. )

i dont know how many K we actually done
i only know we really really took very long time do finish it.
almost 5 hours i think?
so damn tired doing this kind of "paper work”

the first day, we going video shooting!
meeting? or gathering 
it looks like Illegal gathering

when we were at the backstreet ,trying to take some videooo

 Da gengsterr! 

 what this? director,actor,cameraman,helper,ETC!
 hohohoho, it comes to fighting scene
this really take times and happened some funny moments 

this is actually our recruitment drive at block M 
and before start ...see
there is 2 part here,
left hand side, Online FB Instagram ..etc
Right hand side, chit-chat non-stop 
 with da participants "O"
it's not gonna boring with those guys
seriously crazy
while we recruit partipants ,
WE created a dance for ibt

go for photo-shooting cause the view is so nice
shoot some crazy jumping photos
we actually play more than work
but we work smart, we play harder 

the last day of recruitment, we just like went for photo shooting day with IBT shirt.
keep on posting here and there and take pichas!
half way of recruiting peepo! become photo shooting 

 aww, i like this ! Candid!

 sometimes really tired of washing same cloth almost everynight
god, cause tomorrow gonna wear it AGAIN
and today we wore it until midnight summore
crazy , i wash with my hand LOL!
sometimes just wear it half wet half dry
sometimes wear others

and i learned to become photo-boom
suddenly come out from the photo when peepo are ready to snap

really funny, when you see the photo.

at the night, we have test game
and guess what 
we gotta run whole campus
wey, block A to block L

super far, and we committee didnt even take dinner yet
run like a dog
and i quitted half way ,uncomfortable
so lazy to run
dont you think they just like the hammy running in that wheel? LOL

 i love this!
and i'm the one set da camera
soo nice pichas here
really it's nice memories with them
i'm sure gonna miss it IBT may 2013

it's just like another family to me
really appreciate them, for taught me some lessons that i will not learn in the class

and gain some experience for being secretary and now ceremony
i really though ceremony department will be easy jobs
but end up, i almost messed up all.
i'm know i did it not very well, and i should prepared earlier
thank you for ibt family they didnt blame me for every fault i did
anyway i'm feeling grateful to have Tinyee,Yeemun,HuiJian,Yingthong,Nigel,Eeqing,Patrick,Jensen,Max,Irene,Reinus,Klinsmann,WeiCheang, Lipsheng,Matthew here to guide me.
i will learn from my mistake,yeah i promise.

i will try my best to change my attitude la
for being too playful T_T
ahem, i miss the preparation days already, i miss the time we together

seriously, thank you so much guys
i love ibt family


Francis yee said...

all dun have me de

Sandy♥ said...

er. i thought i posted that Da gengster de? @.@ and and our group photo also hahaha