Trip to Forest

Sunday, 10 March 2013

after come back from new year,
i follow friends to another activities which is Jungle Trekking

omg , the first time i went jungle trekking
and this actually really out of my expectation,

i always thought that jungle trekking is actually got the roads INSIDE the jungle
but actually not. we created our own road just to find the trademark
we walkthrough the road that's not calling road anymore
it should be climbing the tree to get back the track?
seriously, i slipped from the start to the end
i wore wrong shoes , and the day before be go, raining some more.

i almost slipped down to some where else i think when we crossing the trunk and below it's nothing just a lot grass.
i'm scared that time,lucky it's fine. Hee.
we dont really took photo because we were busy to find the trade mark and
i believe my friends were busy help me from slip here and there
finally we still able get a group photo uh.

 the climbing time 
 it's fun but i still the slowest >.<!

i regret to wear that shoes on that day seriously !

this thingy ..follow us all the way without our acknowledge
it adsorb our blood and we still dont know
until the time we rest and check

after 2-3 hours in the jungle,finally we came out 

 my nails :( broke from the start and it so PAIN!

thank you so much guys for ggiving such experience and it's really fun
i like it SOO much !
anyway thank you for helping me too, even though we just know each other like 5 mins ago before we enter jungle