Mc Donalds I love you

Saturday, 24 November 2012

guys, did you guys go Mc D and take the free breakfast on Monday (19/11/2012) ??

 i went :P
the people there really out of my expectation.

i thought i gonna queue for a long time,it's gonna be a long queue
but ended up just little  bit people..

hmm...i guess no ones willing to wake up in the early morning just for the breakfast??

 but some people are willing wwake up jjust for the breakfast :p like me !

 we will get the coupon and just show it to the counter then they'll give us the burger already!

thanks ya McD!

i'm lovin it!

after the breakfast day, they also giiving away burger but you have to cut down the coupon from newspaper

but too bad, my newspaper disappear because of this. i couldn't get even one.

the first sight i saw the people who are queue for the burger,i was like..OMG,i'm lazy to queue
but after that ,i think it's just few wad,wait for a minute then will get it so at last we went queued up too.

heehee, thank you mcD