1,2,3 action!

Friday, 23 November 2012

past few week, you can see everyday at campus there are many peoples taking camera go everywhere
or they will suddenly action just to take the natural reaction from the passer-by

why suddenly like that?? stream y students are hard working,they doing their assignment .
2 subject of our course in sem 2 needed our video. we need to complete the assignment through our action instead of written on paper anymore.

taking scene in miao xian house for financial marketing
Kaiyii is the main character who act as a shopaholic.

taking the scene that when kaiyii is back home and show her things to her father.
jeffrey act as kaiyii's father and nagging about her things.

i'm just too lazy to update my blog since there are many assignments and presentation .
taking video act like an actor is brand new experience for everyone of us

we having a fun time when taking the video.
kaiyii and futing is like the director in the group taking the video

it's funny when you look at the person acting,and it's hard to stop yourself not to laughing
try not to caused NG.