first job

Thursday, 12 January 2012

everyone thought i was just joking that i worked with my dad
as a clerk
actually i work for K-link
it's something like health care

god,the first time i learn something without writing 
just listen
i didnt do some notes 
now the only things i can do is calling the main office 
and ask for help

im so shy to talk with them
my dad taught me call people like auntie and uncle
now he asked me not to be like that
because i am work right now,i cant call them like that
i guess no ones will like it?
it's kinda hard for starting,i have to call daddy friends' names
oh my's like..very rude for me

i think daddy understand my situation
he kept on telling me treat them as i treat my friends
i think that's work 
at least there have no tension for me anymore
but quite nervous 

my salary is Rm600 per month
im giving my parents rm100,and babysitter rm100
it's going to be my routine
now is just start only,next time
i would give them higher,i swear!
it's very weird when you are giving your parents money and it just rm 100

i'm going to save up the leftover!