Oh my god..

Monday, 7 November 2011

examination nearer and nearer 
i try to study,but i don't know why
it cant concentrate at all

i know this examination very important in my life
the result decide my future
i knew it very well
i just cant concentrate at all

i keep on telling myself no more everything
only SPM now
but turn around i'm still looking the news about tvxq

what the hell i thinking?

i'm so nervous 
everytime i try to study 
the problem comes,i don't know what should i study
i know there's lot things i need to study
but i don't which should i read first

what should i do right now?
left only 7days..
a week only
then i'm sitting in the hall facing BM examination
the most important subject!
i MUST pass it!..........

hwaiting! sandy....