last day being convent's student

Thursday, 10 November 2011

it's kinda happy for i got lot of freedom after all

today was the last day for being convent's student
i will never again as convent's student anymore
i'm not anymore
it's really sad

although,when we're in school
we like to said i hate this school,i wanted to leave it as soon as possible
but when it comes,it makes me so hard to leave it
when i turn back and see the school
i can see every moment that we played at school 
our shadows there

we know each other because we are fated to meet at this school
we became best friends because we share everything through this school
we met for almost everyday,it makes us getting closer and closer

words cant describe my feeling anymore
it's so complicated?er i think so
i don't know how to say it.

i thanks to everyone for being my friends for this 4 years
i thanks to my friends for holding my weakness for so long

maybe we are not best friends but at least we will lend our hand to friends when we need help
by the way 
i really appreciate it to have the friends like you all
to everyone 

you guys make me believe friendship will stay forever
i'm afraid to see us become stranger 
and i don't wish it.
i don't even imagine it

all i know is 
thank you friends!

moumou ar,i think we know each other better right ?
we heart talk for almost 3 hours i think
after recess,we started until finish school
we don't actually cry la,just drop a few tears 
we shared everything today
we told each other about our problem

i do really thinks that we are like sisters instead of best friends
we have lots of topics that it will never end i think
everytime we met,we got something to talk
but i don't know what it is

there's lots words want to you all 
but i don't know how to say it
i guess,we knew it right?

good luck guys! all the best!

hey ya!
keep the faith!
(actually this is cassiopeia said to tvxq!)
i m really obssesed with them right now