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Friday, 1 August 2014

Such quite long time i didnt update my blog, i know.
duh, too many stories to update and everytime when i found out i should update 
then comes out, duh i should hit the sack and update it tomorrow ..
then i forgot about it.

this time, just 3 of us. No homework topic today! 

Okkay, i updated this post just want to thank you my coursemate brought us to kinta city for movie,
ipoh parade for starbucks, and river front!!

it's kinda excited to me, i went ipoh for so many times
but then i NEVER been there.

i know everyone told me, 
nah, dont go there. it's nothing fun there.
but i still want to go there take a look ...

this is just a normal trip as usual ,we down to ipoh around 3pm rushing to kinta citty for Guardians of Galaxy
actually, im not so into this movie . My main point just to go starbucks.
and every Friday 6-7 pm SAY YES to 50% 

how i managed to reject this such a good chance.
i dont know since when ipoh become a big deal to me.duh
im playful enough, but now i think im better than last time.

Then, we went TGV for movie, guess what?
it's too late for us to buy the tickets and we've got no choice but the first row.
damn, my leg and neck was cramped . 
you need in the position for nearly 2 hours. duh.
this movie is Nice, there are funny moment and touching moment !
the touching moment, will made you cry even you don't meant to.

i cant say how excited i am when i saw Batista is in the movie
it is so out of expectation!!

the saddest thing happened is when we finish our movie , it turns out 7 pm .
DUH! my Starbucks 50% , such a heartache..
who gonna say No to get a venti size of your drink in only Rm8.50 !!
that doesn't stop us to go Starbucks too.

the first time, i tried my frappe with soy milk, and it comes out sweet later and really taste good
usually i'll just change the full cream milk to low-fat milk.

oh,i learned another thing, DON'T ever ask to less sweet.
i guess they'll skip to put syrup in it.
my friend do order less sweet ,it comes out like espresso frappe with tiramisu flavor LOL.

they aren't posing for taking photos. it's CANDID!
they were thinking of one of Edward's friend who started the name with 'B'
god damn, Brandon, bob, bae..etc

i forgotten to mention our dinner!
it is awesome, first of all, i need to say that restaurant is vegeterian restaurant.
but it surprised me when they  served vegetarian sushi LOL

the portion is big enough for 3 of us.
there's sushi row wrap it with cucumber, aww, that really nice
it it crispy and refreshing!
i really enjoy this dinner, and so out of my expectation.
i'm plan to eat Michelangelo pizzeria which quite famous i think in ipoh.
that restaurant just beside this vegetarian restaurant , and and zakka loft just right opposite 
duh, it remind me of their green tea cake, that is really nice. smoothing!
At  last ,River Front was our last destination today
we went for a walk found out some cute things LOL
2 person and 3 person  bicycle, and a single Tyre bicycle.
feeling want to try so much, too bad there's too much people..

Lastly, we heading back Kampar in 12am..
that's all for today! 
goodnight guys! 


Anonymous said...

The food look nice! What is the restaurant name?

Anonymous said...

The food look nice! Btw,can i ask what is the restaurant name?

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