Sudden Break

Thursday, 19 June 2014

seriously, im that kind of person who will go to anywhere as long as suddenly my mind strike out a place,
i dont really into planning to go anywhere, cause plan also failed.

After Early morning Datacom, god.
i love data com, the lecturer is good enough..just somehow she will like..force to listen up everything whenever your brain are fulled or maybe overload ..

suddenly everyone of us just tucked in Shalon's car then we start to recommend our breakfast location..
One of us just voice out " anyone Starbucks?" , god.
no one doubted it , we straight heading to Tambun Starbucks.
it's become our first choice tambun starbucks!

simply grab for a lunch then starbucks!!

it's in perodua viva, we get to fit in 4 person. LOL.
first time going starbucks with Mun ..
Shalon's driving!!
no doubt, side driver help us to take this! girls photo!! hahaha

still i ordered the same drink again, even the seasonal drinks are really attractive..
i just dont like to change my drinks much...

actually this fapp was recommended by Shalon.
and then turns out i fall in love with it.

not much photos, just we are going crazy ! hahaha
kinda sleeppyyy..
this is it. Strawberry cheesecake Frapp
taste good too just i dont really prefer sweet frapp..
i love coffee more. hahaha
i guess i started addicted to starbucks that time...
i dont crave that much last time...
anyway, i do always like sudden trip to somewhere else!
thank you so much Shalon!! brought us there hee~