Flea Market 8/7-9/7

Monday, 8 July 2013

yeah, after startwalk next activityy~ Flea market utar kampar
this is actually second time become one of the helper
but first time ,i m standing there and start to sell things

im helping my friend selling the k-pop style caps
while, i bought it one for myself too

i love it! paper rock cut cap with leopard
black based.

we actually sell 100+ style of the caps and colour and lots
i love the feeling when the people listen to your advise and end up the cap really suitable to them
it's awesomee!

kinda fun serving people like this
even though quite tired, standing like whole dayy

the first day just over,...
and the fun part is in the second day
maybe because we as helper together selling these things, and having some same topic with the other 2 helpers- Mc, and hades

 everything goes smoothly~
and i found im not so afraid of talking to people ,because even i really shy to them but i want to sell them the caps
so i'm forced to face it.

finally i felt, i learned something i guess.

we actually took a lot of photos, and a very very good news is almost all the ready stock of the caps are sold :D
we really put in a lot effort on it and we did it well

hahahaha, end of the flea market
celebration time ^_^

our boss -patrick treated us ! yay! dine in secret recipe

Mozzarella Baked Fish

Chicken Parmiagiana 

Pan Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce

Spinach Lagsane

                                                                 Ice Blended Mocha Express o & Cappuccino 

i ordered that pan grilled dory with lobster sauce
it taste very nice 
love it! 

really had new experience in this flea market and feel so happy to join it.haha
i wanted to join in the next semester too 
if i've got the chance again.