what should i wish?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Let god decide whether i get PLKN or not.
if it's the fate that i have to go,
then i go without any complain
cause it's my way
i believe god will make the best way for me

nervous makes me feeling unwell
nervous don't give any benefit to me
so i don't even think about it

all i do,just follow the things that god make for me

i don't know how to decide going or not
i wish to go meanwhile i wish not
so let god decide

i'm so so so care about plkn's TOILET
if dirty,i going crazy
so i wish it's clean
i afraid of cockroach,lizard,and FROG
omg,i couldn't imagine what if i'm bathing and there's a frog
it's KILLING me

other side
u would like to get an experience that other people wouldn't have the chance such as take guns.
and healthy lifestyle with rm 150 each month
just 3 month
i guess i must be so healthy after i came back
i love to get a healthy skin
just playing and get rm 150
WORTH!so worth to me
is there have bungee?i wish there have it !

 what should i wish?