Monday, 30 May 2011

To My friends,

you can point out my weakness
cause i hope we can open-heartedness to each other
i'm glad you tell me my bad attitued,weakness
but you don't have show my weakness
like copy my behavior,and you made it so exaggeration
that is the way you insulted me

 i treat you as my best friends 
but seems like you don't
you point out every weakness of me
that made you ashamed 
now i just wish you could
 look at yourself behavior before you comment on my attitude 

don't take things for granted

you made me totally disappointed on you
and heart broken when you told me 
i am annoying when i broke up with my boyfriends
i everyday thinking of him and everything
and talk about him every time
i thought you will understand my situation
but you didn't
you really broke my heart

when we met problem,i do wish you could be the listener
you don't have to comment on everything 
i just hope for quietly listen to our problems
you giving yourself a chance to comment my weakness
but you don't give me chance to tell you yours.

just for a question 
am i your best friends?or just me thinking that we're best friends?

i trying ignore this kind of feeling 
just for our friendship 
but you making me heart broken for a time over a time
you never understand peoples feeling,you just know yours
i shared everything to all my best friends,included my problems or my joyful

but you just listen my joyful and make it just a piece of cake in your eyes
you insulted me but you never know

you have better joyful to shared compare to mine
you have everything that is better than everyone

all i wish just
respect me 
 esteem my pride
and my dignity

why i am writing down here? just we ever promised to each other
not to gossip
i wish you could do respect me,my pride and my dignity.



AnnTan said...

..i dont like it if they did this to me either